Who wouldn’t want their family tree to be tall and strong, symmetrically branched, and loaded with the perfect blossoms of ancestors who are fully documented and verified with DNA certificates? You could liltingly refer to my blooming family tree and follow it with a satisfied sigh.

Solitary Slipper Orchid

More likely, I’m afraid, as is frequent in my case, the phrase would borrow the old-fashioned British usage, as in, my BLOOMING family tree!! ARGH!

I started My Blooming Family Tree to write about my successes and failures at finding my ancestors and tracing some elusive lineages. It includes stories about the most basic efforts to create paper trails as well as those that connect ancestors through genetic testing.

What I write may interest no one other than my family, and maybe not even them. Perhaps I’m simply writing an online genealogical diary to myself. It would be lovely, however, if my experiences turn out to be interesting, inspiring, and helpful to others who are making their own ways to their ancestors.

With that said, your feedback is welcome.